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Saturday, November 18, 2006
Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant Pte Ltd
@ New Bridge Road

After reading famous Malaysian blogger, Kenny Sia's blog, i've always wanted to try Kuching's Kolo Mee.

And today i did!

I realised too late that the brochure had an English version on the other side. For the Mandarin impaired, the brochure reads,

"Kolo Mee. New Taste! MUST try! Guarantee you'll like it!

1st in Singapore - Air-flown FRESH from Sarawak Kuching daily!

The much awaited famous noodle "KOLO MEE" from Sarawak Kuching is now in Singapore. Our special noodles and ingredients are freshly air-flown directly from Sarawak daily. Our wanton skin, thin and smooth, is very crispy when fried. Our special noodle is so different with a "QQ" feeling... Plus many other yummy dishes awaiting you! It's so good, you simply can't stop at one bowl!

The famous SARAWAK kolo mee is now in Singapore!"

Even though i wasn't physically in Kuching, this came pretty close.

I ordered the basic small bowl for $3.90 and the noodles were as "QQ" as described. The minced pork had vinegar in it and when mixed with the noodles, gave a nice zing to the taste. Mix in a generous amount of the sambal chilli provided at every table to enjoy every bite after bouncy bite!

I wish i could heap praises on the wanton soup too.

But i can't.

Not only was it bland, it was oily too! Even adding pepper to the soup wasn't much help. The wanton were sadly lacking in the taste department too. Yes, the skin was thin and smooth, but hello, where's the meat?! You can't carry off a proper wanton without sufficient meat, even if the skin was the highlight.

It's like giving someone a present whereby the wrapping paper's nice and glittery and expensive, but the present like shit like that.

Overall, it's not a MUST TRY as capsulated on the brochure. It's more like a should try-for-the-sake-of-trying. Yes, the noodles were very "QQ" (i love saying that), but after awhile, it started to taste like a yummy bowl of minced meat noodle.

And the reason i ordered a basic small bowl was because the price of the ones with prawn/abalone were kinda frightening for what seems to be a bowl of bak chor mee from Kuching.

The wait staff generally don't bother you but the lady behind the counter had a funny way of listing the drinks available. Everytime someone asks for the list of drinks, she would say "Longyan (longan), suan kan (lime), ALOVELA (aloe vera)!" And i would crack up every single time.

There was no lack of seats when i was there and the air con helped sooth us from the hot sun outside, so plus points for that!

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  • At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh no. u should try the real kolo mee in kuching. it's really damn.... GROSS.

    no doubt the mee is damn Q, it's laden with so much salt and MSG that u'll haf to call NKF after 2 mouthfuls.

  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger defe said…

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