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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
The Singapore Heritage Restaurant
@ No.46 Pagoda Street, The Chinatown Heritage Centre Singapore 059205, Tel: 62254024

The restaurant looks so tourisy outside that most people would just walk past without giving it a second glance.

Once inside, it's a narcissist's paradise, with articles from magazines and newspapers covering most of one wall, and even a video of interviews and various introductions of Alvin Koh, the boss of this establishment, who was incidentally, Porridge King.

However, don't expect a menu consisting of solely porridge.

The first time i went there, i ordered this dish called Chilli Crab Sauce Spagetti. It was so good that i ordered it again my second time there.

There was no sign of any crab, but the prawns were enough to stave off our seafood craving. The sauce obviously being the highlight of the dish, was always licked clean off the plate, ditching our image of cool sophistication to the wind.

Thankfully, the staff was kept to a minimal of 1 waitress and maybe 2 chefs, just enough to meet the slow traffic of patrons and to successfully stay out of the hair of uncouth eaters like me.

If anyone goes there to eat and tries other nice dishes, must come report to me ok!

I couldn't find any website that introduces the restaurant, but here's an article about Alvin Koh.

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