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Thursday, May 25, 2006
The Coffee Connoisseur
@ Millenia Walk on 5/22/2006.

Went down for lunch last Tuesday to celebrate Chloe's birthday, as you can read from here.

Top row left from right: Me, Chloe, KW.
Bottom row left from right: ZC, Alvin, JW.

Who knew that they had actual food?!?! I always thought that TCC was a place selling cakes, pies and 20 different variations of coffee. Otherwise known as a cafe.

The decor of the place was bright and modernish. Very cosmopolitan. There was a variety of seats to choose from, from chairs to sofas. We were a fairly big group, and the chairs were made for groups of 3 or 4 so we choose to be seated at the sofa seats.

At first, we felt funny sitting there because the seats were the same height as the table! There was no problem if we were gonna drink coffee and chill out, but we were gonna have lunch! We resigned to having to eat stooping over our food.

Normally, I wouldn't order any drinks other than iced water to go with my meal, but since everyone was ordering something, i gave in and joined them.

I forgot what our drinks were called. I only remember what flavour, and that they were mostly milk based.

Clockwise from the bottom: Peach, Banana, Forgot, Coffee, Passion fruit and Peach.

One word to describe the drinks: Medicinal.

Especially the passion fruit one which seriously tasted like liquid Panadol. And the banana one just tasted too diluted, most probably because the banana they used wasn't sweet enough?

The only reason that i can describe the drinks was because i was shamelessly tasting here and there. The only drink i didn't touch was the coffee, but seriously, how disgusting can coffee taste?

Luckily mine was peach, which tasted ok at first but became increasingly disgusting as i was eating my meal.

We weren't exactly spoilt for choice for main courses, but if you take the sandwich section into consideration (the sandwiches are huge, by the way), the menu was pretty much adequate.

View their menu here.

Finally, the food came.

My Teriyaki Sabayon Salmon looks delicious!

Just when i was done taking this shot, the waiter came and whisked my salmon away! I was kinda stunned at first, but i realised that they served me the wrong order when the waiter brought the salmon to another table instead.

That was the TCC Kahlúa Salmon, which i had wanted to order initially, but changed my mind after KW informed me that Kahlúa had something to do with coffee.

Kahlúa: coffee-flavored liqueur made in Mexico.

I didn't like coffee in the first place, so i doubted that i would have liked my salmon to be dribbled with coffee sauce.

JW wanted to start eating very badly, but evil me stopped him.

Don't let the picture fool you. Although the Teriyaki Sabayon Salmon didn't look as scrumptous as the coffee sauced one, it was HEAVENLY.

The meat of the salmon was done just right, with it being firm, yet retaining the moisture and flavour of the fish. There wasn't much of the teriyaki sauce but i felt that it was a perfect combination.

The mashed potatoes more than made up for the lack of carbo in this meal to fill up my stomach. And it was also delicious to boot! None of that powdered crap you find at fast food chains.

Throughout the meal, we were complaining that it was so awkward to eat when the table was so low! KW even suggested to sit on the floor instead of the sofa, but i said it'll look so beggarish! Anyway, the food was so good that it quelled our discomfort.

At around $20+ per pax, this is definitely a place to come back to, even though you might walk out with a backache.

Visit TCC's website here to find out more.

ps, you might have realised that the quality of the food photos suck as compared to the first one in this entry. Or you might have not.

This is because the first photo was taken directly from flickr while the food photos were uploaded through blogger itself, which caused the quality to deteriorate.

Until i find out how to widen the space of this section where the entry is posted, you guys have to be contented with bad quality photos because flickr's "medium" sized photos are too big for this space, causing the sidebar to end up below the posts.

Someone help me!
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