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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Blanco Court Prawn Mee
@ Arab Street. Or was it Bali Street? Somewhere between la...

Walking by the shophouse on a lazy Sunday afternoon, i didn't have the intention of stepping into the premises until the sight of a near full house and the tantalising smells captivated me.

There were 3 stores. The prawn noodle store obviously, a Nor Hiang/Wu Siang/i dunno what's it called in English store and a drinks store. The drinks stall was there machiam for aesthetic purposes cos when i was ordering food, the lady also asked for the drink orders.

Speaking of orders, there were 3 types of prawn noodles to choose from. The normal, the big, the 3-in-1 and the MEGA!

Can't really see here, but the prawns in this were really MEGA huge!

If you wanna go all the way out here to eat prawn noodles, you better not order the normal one. Heck, dont even order the big one because you might be able to get it at normal hawkers on a good day.

I'll highly recommend either the 3-in-1 prawn noodles (price ranges from $6-10) or the MEGA prawn noodles ($10 onwards).

So i'm guessing you're asking what the 3-in-1 prawn noodles contain.

Other than prawns, there were pork ribs, pork skin and this cylindrical part of the pork pig that i can only guess was the tail.

I know it sounds damn disgusting but trust me, i thought it was damn gross too until i poped one into my mouth and the meat (or was it fat?) literally melted on my tongue. I tried not to think of which part of the pig it came from while i was eating it though.

Seeing as most tables were eating the noodles with soup, i nearly followed suit. I'd have kicked myself if i did because the chilli was TO DIE FOR!

I usually eat prawn noodles with both tomato ketchup and chilli, and when my noodles came with only chilli, i nearly went to ask for ketchup. I decided to try one mouthful of the noodles before i went though, and when i came back, i was holding a plate of chilli instead of ketchup!

The soup was delicious too though. I'm just a chilli person.

The interior, although not as posh as a food court, was definitely cleaner than that of a hawker centre. Although the price was more like restaurant than anything.

ps: i know i skipped rong guang. coming soon i promise!
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  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is the best prawn noodles i have tried. Itried the 3 in 1 too.The soup is flavourful and just right. The dry version is really the best.No joke, MUST TRY. they close at 4pm though.

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