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Thursday, May 25, 2006
@ Club Street on 5/12/2006.

From the name, you'd have to be an idiot not to know that this place is Italian.

With the intention of only having a snack, we went in and ordered an appetizer and a pizza.


Of cos, as you would have read here, we ate half the appetizer before remembering to take a photo of it. So don't get turned off by the phallic-ness of the dish and how it's such a pathetically small serving, because it's not.

According to the website, our appetizer, Augusto, was thinly Sliced Parma Ham and Rock Melon. And it rocks. Seriously.

The sweetness of the melon eaten together with the slightly salty ham was such a total clash that it blended!

The pizza was, well, what can i possibly say about an ingredient-less pizza except that it was nice?

Actually, if an ingredient-less pizza was nice, imagine one with pineapple slices, ham, tomatoes and everything else you can dump on a pizza.

Must be wonderful...

Oh oh! The glasses that the water came in were made of real crystal!


I would know because i made one hell of a din with all the wung wung sounds i was making by running my fingers along the rim of the crystal.

I can't tell you much because i wasn't really out to blog about food when i ate this so i'll just stop here. All i can say is that whenever you feel like something Italian, pray don't turn to the nearest Pastamania. There are better options!

Not like this place is expensive, with a large pizza going for $19 and the appetizers going for $9.

The staff were friendly and the interior was cosy. Recommended for couples celebrating their anniversary/just out for a romantic meal.

Visit their website here for more details!

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