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Thursday, May 25, 2006
@ East Coast on 4/23/2006.

Met up with Xinhe and Boon Kian, my best buds from FDC to try out this newly opened restaurant.

Don't expect to fill up your belly there unless you order surplus, us being the poor NSFs that we are obviously didn't order more than one set each.

I'll advice you against ordering what i ordered, i forgot the name, but it was a seafood set. Order the meat set cos it seemed more filling.

The slice of fish (note i used the word slice) i had was so pathetic. If i were to have left it there any longer, the whole thing would be stuck onto the stone, never to fulfil it's destiny of being eaten. That's how thin the slice was.

Also, due to everyone's food being cooked on the stone infront of their eyes, the whole restaurant was filled with smoke which sticks onto clothes. You'll end up smelling like you just went for a BBQ at East Coast beach instead of to a restaurant.

At $20+ per set, i felt that what i got wasn't really worth the price.

The staff were friendly, but overzealous in promoting their desserts and various other after-meal condiments. Even after giving them a firm "No, thank you", they continued yakking about how the pears were soaked in red wine for several hours yadah yadah. It got irritating after awhile.

Verdict: It's just a novelty, and after you've tried it once, you wouldn't really think of going back.

Don't even bother visiting their website, they have nothing useful and the song that plays when it loads is damn irritating. If you still want to take a look, it's here.

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