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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Hog's Breath
@ Holland V on 5/17/2006.

Hailing from Australia, it has the best steak i've ever tasted for a long long time. The last time i had steak so nice was when i went to Jack's Place when i was still in Primary School.

Now their steak taste like old tires.

Coming back to the topic, i loved their service. Everyone there was all smiles and seemed so genuine, especially my server, Lily, who had a tongue stud and was damn cute.

Scarly they thinking, "Nabeh cb cannot rest must climb up and down take orders. knn!" If they were thinking that, they didn't show it.

And yes, got a upper level one. Decor was very country-ish and everything was made of wood. The music was damn retro also, all the evergreens.

I had the Avocado Prime Rib (for some reason, they call their steaks ribs) and it was done medium and damn juicy. Heaven.

The servings were freakishly large cos, to quote Lily, "they're meant for Australian stomachs..." Lucky we didn't order any starters.

I'd highly encourage going on an empty stomach cos even i nearly couldn't finish my potato. Speaking of potatos, they had a choice of mashed potatos, curly fries or baked potatos. And they also had a choice of having vegetables or a salad to go with the meal. I penged at all the choices.

In the end, i chose their baked potatoes and salad. The baked potatoes tasted like roasted chestnuts. You know, gao lak?

Back to why you shouldn't order any starters, a mother and son pair came in and ordered nachos as their starter. It came in a freaking huge plate that could have been shared by 5 people! I heard the son exclaim, "OMG, so much." By the time they finished their starter and their steaks came (their order was same as mine), they couldn't finish even half of the main course.

The mom, being the Singaporean auntie that she was, asked for a container to tapau the food. She was like, "Ok, pack this (son's steak) and this (her steak) and ummm this (the potato). I don't want this (the corn)."

So funny.

The meal totalled up to around $30+ each, a little steep, but it was well worth it.

Nice atmosphere, nice service, nice food, nice place.

Visit their website here to find out more.

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