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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Fisherman's Wharf
@ Circular Road on 2/20/2006.

With a blackboard touting it as the "Best Authentic Fish & Chips", i had to try!

Ordered the Fish & Chips set, which includes a drink and coleslaw, and a choice of either chips or fries. I'd suggest the fries cos they taste better. The chips just taste like a soggier version of the fries.

The interior was surprisingly cosy for something this open. (it's located right by the main road)

After finishing half a can of coke, the food finally came in baskets. What a good excuse not to wash up.


Despite the ambience, and the nice furniture, the main thing i was there for was for the food, and fish was a little let down.

It didn't taste very fresh, and was even a little on the tough side. And the fish kept poping out of the breaded layer la! So i ended up having to eat the fish and the outer layer seperately, which kinda defeated the purpose of it being breaded fish. It was more like fish and chips and breaded layer.

But seriously, you guys should just go try it for something new. It's quite a change from hawker center anyway.

At less than $10, it's quite a bargain, what with drinks and coleslaw too!

They don't have a Singapore website, but the San Francisco one is here.

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  • At 9:00 PM, Blogger leetahsar said…

    i tot u wrote about the FISHERMAN'S WHARFS IN FRISCO...that one the clam chowder is super! a bread container which u eat the bread too! and can refill some more.

    this local one stinks leh! freaking oily. u should try HAN'S much super and cheaper!

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